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Not many people realize that just just a short distance away from the Brandenburg Gate in Germany sits the Pergamon Museum.

If you have any idea what ancient objects from ancient Babylon are inside this museum and what they represented to Adolf Hitler then the meaning of Atlantis becomes much clearer.

Why do prominent speakers who are brain child's of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky teachings such as David Icke popularize the belief in Atlantis? How is this linked into Francis Bacon and the occultic vision of a last days occultic empire?

The Romance of Atlantis!

To understand Nazi Germany's fascination with pagan and occultic symbols of power one must first understand that this was bred by a belief in the legends of Atlantis.

Quite why a story written 2,500 years ago by the Greek philosopher Plato continues to capture the public imagination is a mystery in itself - a mystery fed by countless books, films, articles, web pages, and now a Disney cartoon. It has spawned a rich populist sub-culture (much of it internet-based) which pits the passions and imaginations of committed 'Atlanteans' against the orthodox analysis of the scientific mainstream.

If you are old enough you may even remember the series "The Man from Atlantis" starring Patrick Duffy from Dallas.

So what do we actually know about Atlantis and its demise? The answer is not much. Plato's story comes to us from two short pieces, Tinnaeus and Critias, believed to have been written in the decade or so before his death in 348 BC. In these, he presents an apparently true account of an ideal society that existed many millennia before the Classical Greek times in which he was writing.

According to Plato, Atlantis was a great island (larger than Libya and Asia combined) in the Atlantic Ocean, but its control extended beyond the 'Pillars of Heracles' into the Mediterranean as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia (Italy). Its powerful and remarkable dynasty of kings arose directly from Poseidon, god of sea and of earthquakes, though this divine and heroic lineage gradually became diluted by mixing with mortal stock in 1505.

The resulting decay of this noble civilization led it into a war with its former ally, Athens, and culminated in its cataclysmic destruction, which Plato dates as 9,000 years previously. Of the destruction itself, Plato simply notes, 'Some time later there were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence, and in a single dreadful day and night all your life [ie, Athenian] fighting men were swallowed up by the earth, and the island of Atlantis was similarly swallowed up by the sea and vanished'.

Hundreds of books and articles have been written on the subject of Atlantis since Ignatius Donnelly came out with his seminal work, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World in 1882. Theories on the location of Atlantis have ranged anywhere from Antarctica to outer space, and have varied in quality from well documented, well reasoned scholarly works to utter nonsense. Stan Deyo in his classic publication "The Vindicator Scrolls" even postulated that Atlantis was an area in ancient Mesopotamia (present day Iraq/Syria) and its destruction was actually the result of the great Flood of Genesis.

A Shift in Thinking!

However during the 1600s the meaning of Atlantis took on a symbolic tone with the publication of Sir Francis Bacon "The New Atlantis". In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind. However, of greater significance is that Historian Dame Frances Yates argues that Bacon's movement for the advancement of learning was closely connected with the German Rosicrucian movement, while Bacon's The New Atlantis portrays a land ruled by Rosicrucians. He apparently saw his own movement for the advancement of learning to be in conformity with Rosicrucian ideals.

If you know anything about the Rosicrucians you will know that it is an offshoot of the Theosophical Society that was founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Authoress of Isis Unveiled, The Secret Doctrine, The Stanzas of Dyzan, and founder of the Theosophical Society, Theosophy became the basis for many occult societies who borrowed from it and Blavatsky along with Alice Bailey stand as one of the major bastions of the new age movement.

Hundreds of year later, the symbolic meaning of Atlantis was seized upon by Adolf Hitler who had been influenced by a Rudolf Steiner.

Steiner had claimed that Atlantis塲ly inhabitants had highly evolved psychic power allowing them to communicate telepathically in images rather than words. Steiner also claimed that the early Atlanteans, whom he called the �people,祲e spiritual initiates who were able to control the forces of nature through 䨥ric technology.请ever, the rise of materialists towards the latter part of civilization resulted in a conflict between the two groups and its ensuing cataclysm.

Knowledge Transfer!

What happened after World War II. Did the Nazi philosophy of a super race simply vanish away, as Nazi leaders still alive disappeared in pursuit by the allies. Did the occultic dreams of a last days Atlantis subside with the death of Hitler or was there a transfer of knowledge from Nazi Germany in which the essence of this demonic and ugly system would mingle and be camouflaged by the political system of western democracy.

There is no doubt that Hitler was under demonic influence. The haunting dreams mentioned by Hitler were witnessed by his personal aids and recorded by their testimonies.

One such account recorded in the book "Hitler Speaks" published in 1939 states that, "Hitler was standing there in his bedroom, stumbling about, looking around him with a distraught look. He was muttering: " It͊ him! "It਩m! Heਥre!" His lips had turned blue. He was dripping with sweat. Suddenly, he uttered some numbers which made no sense, then some words, then bits of sentences. It was frightening. He used terms which were strung together in the strangest way and which were absolutely weird. Then he again became silent, although his lips continued to move...Then all of a sudden, he screamed: "There Over there! In the corner! Who is it?" He was jumping up and down, and he was howling. They assured him that everything was all right, and he gradually calmed down."

Atlantis Restored is a factual account of what happened with the Nazi vision of Atlantis after the end of World War II. Much of what you will see in this report is shocking. To know that many of the Nazi Agendas eventually camouflaged into candy coated Western ideals with the same venomous poison, is surely evidence that the world around us is a matrix, and only those willing to seek truth will not be phased by the hypocrisy of our political systems and leaders.

See below now for some of the key insights.


It was because of Hitler஥ed for a national story of origin that Atlantis became important to the politics of Nazi Germany. Looking for a way to bolster a fragile German economy, Hitler presented his extermination solution to the Jewish question before the Reichstag on January 30 1939. The association of Atlantis with a superior, evolved race - the Aryans ⥣ame the 鳴ory䨡t was used to justify Germanyॸtermination policies. This Aryan connection can be traced from a 17th century Swedish historian to 20th century Nazi Mysticism. How did this Eurocentric ⹡n race⥰udiated by most anthropologists before the middle of the 20th century become the basis of the Nazi policy of racial purge and extermination? The answer lies in Heinrich Himmler who was fascinated with the popular Madame Blavatsky, occultist and medium. Blavatsky claimed that the survivors of Atlantis, an elite priesthood with evolved psychic power, took refuge in Mongoliaǯbi Desert. Setting up the National Heritage institute as part of the SS, Himmler sent archaeologists to different geographical areas to search for evidence of Atlantis. Atlantis, with its association with an evolved race, became the scapegoat of Nazi propaganda.

Author Alex Constantineࢯok, Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America takes up the topic of the early outbreak of UFOs and its connection to American intelligence operations. What reasons does he give as to why the military started the art of debunking UFOs (Addressed in Part 1: Page 8)


Which German Scientist who was in control of Nazi Germanys aerospace program and who created the infamous Nazi Bell project, was regarded as the greatest evil genius in all the Reich? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 14)


What is the link between John F, Kennedy, Operation Paperclip, the UFO Phenomenon and CIA intelligence operations? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 17)


Which well known historian has stated "The fact remains, however, that the Nazi war criminals most famous, most wanted, most notorious were protected and aided in their escape by a series of Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals throughout Europe and North and South America?" (Addressed in Part 1: Page 34)



Mystical organizations quietly dominate NASA, carrying out their own secret agendas behind the scenes. This is the story of men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom, operating at the highest levels of our country. Their policies are far more aligned with ancient religions and secret mystery schools than the facade of rational science NASA has successfully promoted to the world for almost fifty years. The conquest of the next frontiers are fully intertwined with tapping into spiritual dimensions and making contact with the so called 㣥nded masters�

Why did Washington and Moscow publicly distance themselves from technology which was based on psychic ability yet continued to pump millions of dollars of tax payer money into developing strategic warfare weapons based on the the power of the mind (Addressed in Part 2: Page 10)


Which hallmark publication exposes the fact that the US military has not only been involved in conducting conducting psychic operations but also extending into the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life, ancient civilizations in our solar system (notably Mars, but secondarily the Moon), and the connections with Ancient Egypt, specifically the meaning of the Giza complex and the Great Pyramids. (Addressed in Part 2: Page 17)


The Babalon working of 1946 is one of the most famous occult invocations on public record. What were Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) attempting to unlock through this controversial ritual? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 29)


The face on Mars has been one of the most fascinating and controversial debates regarding life on other planets. Can we take the claims of Richard Hoagland seriously? (Addressed in Part 2: Page 36)



During the 1960s The CIA wanted to use LSD to soften the mind in order to make it more receptive to suggestion and control. But if the use of hallucinogens was a lock pick to sneak in the mind's back door, hypnotism was a blistering bulldozer capable of causing serious damage. Dr. Colin Ross, a psychiatrist and noted CIA mind-control expert, provides this definition of the Manchurian Candidates that the government longed to create: "Basically an artificially created multiple personality, where there's another identity inside, which is given the mission parameters, carries out the mission, and the idea is if they're caught and interrogated, the upfront person has no memory of the mission, so it keeps the information secure." Project Bluebird, MK ULTRA's predecessor, was specifically experimenting with hypnotism in order to create the perfect disposable assassin. Its agenda reads like a horrific wish list and is evidence of the attempts that these powerful individuals would exercise in order to become the gods of control and manipulation.

Why did Adolf Hitler hate and despise freemasonry and what were the ideological differences and clashes between European freemasonry and the roots of Nazi Germany's spiritual and occultic beliefs and objectives? (Addressed in Part 3: Page 5)

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The movies Capricorn One released in 1978 and  Apollo 18 released in 2011 all follow a storyline of government and military corruption in using astronauts as guinea pigs to facilitate a greater secret concealed agenda. Do these movies convey the actual reality behind past space programs?
(Addressed in Part 3: Page 9)


What was the key message conveyed by President Eisenhower's speech, famously labeled as "Beware the military-industrial complex?"
(Addressed in Part 3: Page 17)



The notion of the Master Race originated from 19th century racial theory, which posited that there is a hierarchy of races, and that cultures degenerate when distinct races mix. The bottom of this hierarchy included dark-skinned indigenous peoples, such as Aboriginal Australians and Native Africans. The Nazi࣯nsidered darker-skinned people to be mentally and physically inferior to the European races. The middle of the hierarchy belonged to Southern Europeans (Spanish, French, Portuguese, & Italians). These Europeans, with their dark hair and olive skin, were considered to be only partially-tainted by mixing with the Untermenschen. The top of the hierarchy was reserved for the Aryan races (Germans, Swedes, Icelanders, Norwegians, Danes, English, & Dutch). The figure of the ܢermensch, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, was a member of the superior race which was intended to rule the earth during the Nazis㯭called 诵sand Year Reichԯ ensure the genetic purity of his country, Hitler implemented selective human breeding through the racial pseudo-science of eugenics. Mixed-marriages between an Aryan and a member of a 峳er race祲e forbidden, and the Nazis forcibly sterilized hundreds of thousands of people whom they viewed as mentally or physically unfit. Have these same policies been rebranded and implemented in the United States?


The notion of a å·? World Orderï¢?and a ï­©ng Raceï¦? superior individuals were devised by secular sources heavily influenced by Rosicrucian and Freemason religion celebrated in England and America as well as Germany.  However what is the most shocking revelation about Hitler's attack on inferior races? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 5)


Which three of America's most famous family's were strong advocates and funders of eugenic programs that would foster deep racism across the nations (Addressed in Part 4: Page 8)


When we review the eugenic science of Germany, there is often no mention of Nietzscheà³µperman, as if historians and scientists who reflect on Hitler's eugenics are unaware of this mythical connection. Yet why are the two so in sync in concept and implementation? (Addressed in Part 4: Page 14)

The term SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is commonly associated with patients alive today undergoing counseling for trauma experienced under Dr Josef Mengle, one of Hitler's most notorious  geneticist (Addressed in Part 4: Page 32)


Soon after the discovery of the American mainland by Christopher Columbus in 1498 Spanish historians began proposing that North America, South America or indeed the Americas as a whole was Plato's Atlantis. More recently, Bolivia in South America (Allen) and Central America (Zapp and Erikson) have been suggested for the site of the fabled Atlantean city. Since then hundreds of books and articles have been written further on the subject of Atlantis since Ignatius Donnelly came out with his seminal work, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World in 1882. However is there a prophetic role for America in these last days? and if so is it one in which fate has already been sealed or one in which we are still in control of our destiny? Can she fully recover from the residue of Nazi Germany which infiltrated her or is she doomed to fulfil a last days Atlantis that occultist Sir Francis Bacon and a demonic led Adolf Hitler were looking to create.


Who famously proclaimed that churches should abstain from any matter of political commentary and only focus on proclaiming the gospel? Addressed in Part 5 : Page 5)


Which book delivers a prophetic message that Americaà¡£tions post-9/11 map point-by-point to the reaction of ancient Israel when it was first attacked by the Kingdom of Assyria in the eighth century B.C. and that America is at that watershed moment (Addressed in Part 5: Page 7)


The book of Jeremiah describes a city whose 䲯ngholds褯minant structures) reach unto the sky and whose walls are torn down and whose towers fall. Could this be America and if so who is responsible for the tearing down?. (Addressed in Part 5: Page 11)

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